Massage Therapy

We employ three talented and experienced massage therapists in our clinics. They each offer their own eclectic style and expertise. They work at PT180 for the community of knowledge that is shared between our clinicians during our monthly in-services and the ability to provide an integral role in coordinating their patient’s care. Experience the difference here at PT180.

Diversified Training Includes

Medical Massage

1Skilled Massage that focuses on painful target tissues, as opposed to general massage for relaxation and stress reduction.

Myofascial Release

2Training from the John Barnes Institute includes focus on mind-body connection with the treatment of the body’s fascial system or connective tissue system.


3Finger pressure is applied to specific points on the body to allow relaxation and the normal regulatory flow of energy through the body.

CranioSacral Therapy

4A gentle therapy that uses a lighter touch than massage to heal from headaches, concussions, whiplash, back and neck pain, stress, and more.

Rolfing/Structural Integration

5Deep massage used to reposition a person’s skeletal structure to allow improved function by using gravity as support for the body.

Oriental Hot Stone Therapy

6Heated smooth stones are placed on specific body points and can also be used for deeper massage to tight areas of muscle.

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