Physical Therapy

…this is what makes us unique in the Treasure Valley and why we often get results when other approaches fail.

So what is functional manual therapy?

All of our Physical Therapists are trained in Functional Manual Therapy (FMT), this is what makes us unique in the Treasure Valley and why we often get results when other approaches fail. FMT is an integrated approach to patient care where the concept of the human body as an interconnected dynamic system is stressed. Changes in structure, posture, and movement are correlated to the break down of body tissues due to excessive mechanical loading. Treatment focuses on these main tenants.


Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization or myofascial release, frees adhesions in the fascial system and releases holding patterns which can inhibit normal movement, contribute to poor posture and prevent proper loading of our body tissues.


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

PNF uses the body’s positional awareness to stimulate or inhibit certain muscles or groups of muscles to obtain improved movement sequencing or better stability at a certain joint. To obtain proper stability and efficient movement, muscles must contract in a coordinated sequence. PNF helps to stimulate these basic fundamental movement patterns.


Joint mobilization

Slight positional faults in joints can block normal rolling/gliding action during a joint’s range of motion. Low velocity joint mobilization corrects skeletal misalignments and can restore normal joint mechanics to improve pain free movement.


Corrective Exercise Instruction

Corrective exercise training includes strengthening, movement sequencing exercises and core stabilization. We employ exercise not only for strengthening but as a basis to maintain the correct movement patterns to allow self management of symptoms. This enables patients to gain an understanding of their body and share in the responsibility of their rehabilitation.

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